One of the most inspirational subjects for me is the use of creative space. Architecture and interior design can create elevated states in the psyche, at least in my mind. More than just beautiful, creative building can be extremely transforming psychologically and environmentally.

New ideas in the way we inhabit this planet can transform the way we impact the planet. It is very inspirational to see radical new shifts in the living and working space construction. I love the concept of ‘upcycling’ and using recycled materials, as well as natural materials, to make functional and resourceful abodes.

Here is a collection of 16 of the most creative structures I could find on the web. From a house you can skateboard through, to a living growing high rise, to a hotel in a box, these unique designs are examples of wonderful and inspirational alternative spaces.

Wind Shaped Pavilion

Wind Building

Designer Michael Jantzen is the author of different proposals in the ambit of architecture published in international magazines of that specialty. What they all have in common are the bold forms, hardly classified in some style or current, and a great concern in environmental matters. One of the most recent works consists on an experimental building which he called Wind Shaped Pavilion. Around the building’s cylindrical central nucleus there are six floors built on a textile structure strengthened and ultra-light with a shape similar to a wing; from there its design.


The Ramp House


According to architect Athanasia Psaraki, the Ramp House is a project which tries to reconsider and redefine the living space. The result of the client’s request is a curved form interior, which “set the whole house as well as the inhabitant’s life, into motion”.


Plantoon Kunsthalle


At the heart of Seoul, with 28 cargo containers, stands the new Plantoon premises. A breathtaking, almost military atmosphere radiates from this place dedicated to street art, culture, graphic design, fashion, video, programming, music. Plantoon Kunsthalle is A storehouse of culture in Zeutch.


Dome Sweet Dome


The entire house rotates! The rotation is so smooth and gradual as to be imperceptible from both inside and outside the house (imagine trying to see the movement of an hour hand on a watch). The dome owner can direct the house to point in a particular direction by use of a remote control. But primary purpose of the rotation is to make optimal use of the solar panels that line the roof of the Domespace and the passive solar properties of the house’s many windows.


Sleep Box – Mini Hotels


In a world where people appreciate good design everywhere, cool mini hotel rooms are the latest ‘it’ trend. In Tokyo, the Capsule Inn exemplifies the bare-essentials hotel rooms for brief use, and similar concepts are popping up at airports, train stations and downtowns around the world, replacing and mimicking the “day rooms” already existing at many airports.


Ambasz Fukuoka


In Fukuoka City in Japan, they have an amazing building called “ACROS Fukuoka” with two very distinct sides: one side looks like a conventional office building with glass walls, but on the other side there is a huge terraced roof that merges with a park. The garden terraces, which reach up to about 60 meters above the ground, contain some 35,000 plants representing 76 species. A huge semicircular atrium and the triangular lobby provide contrast to the greenery, in this space is a symphony hall, offices and shops.


The Convertable House


At first glance, the form looks nothing special and gives you the idea of a regular timber barn until you realise that the entire outer skin (the wooden part) is capable of sliding back and forth.


Cove Park


If you’re looking for inspiration, you could do a lot worse than head for Cove Park. A retreat for artists located on the fringes of Loch Lomond and the Trossachs National Park in Scotland, it combines incredible natural beauty with creative recycling.


Studio Shed


A new start up company based out of Boulder is making these pre-fab studio sheds for use as equipment, storage, or office sheds. They’re modern, green, and somewhat affordable.


Upcycled Container House in Malaysia


Using six shipping containers, Anand Bungalows developed this 2,551 square foot project, which includes rainwater harvesting, natural ventilation, water-efficient fixtures, dual-flush toilets, and abundant natural lighting to minimize energy consumption.


First Living Building Successfully ‘Grown’


Living walls are great–they can reduce pollution, better insulate buildings, and lower the need for maintenance. But it’s about time someone expanded the concept. So here’s introducing the ‘living building’–where trees are actually grown into the structure of a building and melded with cables and metal supports, giving a whole new meaning to the term ‘green building’.


The Blob VB3


This egg shaped unit is meant to be the answer to a lightweight, temporary, office space. It includes an inset sleeping area, and two large doors. Designed by the Netherlands based design firm dmvA this so called blob on wheels is super light weight.


The Archipod


With the increase in technology and the rise in traffic and travel costs, perhaps a backyard office is just the place for you to get your work done without feeling trapped in your house all day. The Archipod is a new concept in backyard office design.


Office In The Woods


How about heading out with your backpack and hiking boots, to your office beneath the canopy of the natural wooded forest. Not a bad idea, looks amazing implemented. Check out this WestChester County woodland office retreat.


Skateboard Arena


This skateboard store and arena designed by studiometrico, is Bastard flagship store. Converted an old cinema in Milan, into the new Bastard flagship store, which also includes a suspended bowl and offices for Comvert.


Forest Spiral Building


Last but not least, this massive structure boasts a spiral forest lawn soaring above the city of Darmstadt, Germany. Called Waldspirale and built by Friedensreich Hundertwasser, the so-called “Spiral Forest” is really a beautiful example of what architecture could be when its is combined with nature.