The Vegas Nightcrawler

A one-of-a-kind programmable LED art car.

Built for a Lyft activation in Las Vegas.The brief was to build an art car for the real world that could be used to give tours around Freemont St. in Las Vegas.Lyft and Zappos came together to create a 4 week promotional activation, offering free tours showcasing art like the Big Rig Jig, and work by Shephard Fairey.

The design was complete with automated guest doors, a 600 watt PA, an isolated electronics system and a ton of specialty welding and fabrication.  It all came to life at the touch of a button to illuminate over 7,000 addressable LED lights embedded in 96 etched plastic triangular light panels that were controllable through the onboard iPad.

The Vegas Nightcrawler ran for 4 consecutive weekends, from 7pm till 1am Friday and Saturday nights.  Over 1000 passengers were served on over 140 tours, earning 100+ million media impressions and 12 feature stories.

Nightcrawler was picked up on two local news channels, 5 & 3, it was featured and news hosts broadcast live from the art car. On the third weekend we hosted musicians and even had a singer songwriter perform live during the tours!

In the Lyft app riders could select “Dragon Mode” to see where the art car was at any given time, and to request a ride.



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