Terraform Booth Topper

Acrylic trade show booth-top signage.  I worked in tandem with the booth production company, building the feet of this sign to fit snug into the top of the structure.

The booth topper was built to be modular, it travels often between trade shows.
It all started at the steel yard.
Special thanks to Advance Pipe Bending the only pipe bender in town who can make this bend.
I built a container to house the electronics.
LED test.
The leaf, silkscreened the brand color green and inset with clear pieces for strength.
Un-peeling and sorting the text for final placement.
Thanks Bob, for the meticulous welds.
LEDs applied to the acrylic and lights on for the mock up.
Packed up and ready to ship.
Assembled at the Chalice trade show in Pomona.
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