MBS Media Campus

Responsive website development

MBS Media Campus

Project Details

  • Project manager: Justin Mitchell
  • Coder: Justin Mitchell
  • Client: MBS Media Campus
  • Date: April 16, 2013
  • Tags: Art Direction
Launch Project

MBS requested a re-deployment of their old Flash-based website. I was tasked with conserving the original design while adjusting only the necessities to create a fully responsive website using contemporary markup and integrating a single administrative, WordPress, dashboard. The diagonal window, and vertically aligned text was the biggest challenge, but in the end the result is seamless, resizing very fluidly, and organized on all device screen sizes.


We also took it one step further, developing a custom app for the campus, available on iTunes. Need a lighting package on your stage right now? How about a scissor lift, 10 coffees and an editing bay? With the MBS Media Campus app it’s done, done and done.

This free, interactive app gives you easy access to all that information plus simple navigation via the MBS Media Campus map. It also provides information on other resources and dining options both on campus and nearby.


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