All-New HR-V from Honda

All-New HR-V from Honda

Project Details

Feature Highlight Video

With features like available Real Time all-wheel drive™, a smart-touch interior and 35-mpg highway rating[1], the HR-V Crossover is anything but expected. Just like you.


Pre-Roll Ad Cutdowns

While demonstrating the new features of the 2016 HR-V crossover from Honda, we covered both high and low trim features and were able to cut down the 1 minute highlight video into :30 and :15 second pre-roll spots.


YouTube Homepage Take Over

This was a homepage takeover ad for the all-new HR-V crossover from Honda. The ideas was that we took the best thinking from Honda engineers and designed a crossover that encompassed all of our best ideas. The takeover peels away and reveals a 360 rotating view of the vehicle, an embedded video and image gallery.

  hrv-event-01 hrv-event-02 hrv-event-03

Taste & Testdrive Event

The new HR-V is a blend of ingredients combined in a new and interesting way. To bring to life the HR-V’s crossover personality, we’ll partner with a chef to create a tasting event offering a menu of unexpected, yet delicious ‘crossover’ food items. Here, people can savor their unique bites while exploring another unique crossover: the new Honda HR-V on hand at our event.

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